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I love sweet things~ and cute things:) I care for my friends soo much. I love to be friends with people who are nice to me.. and, I hate LiArs...

There she goes again. Shifting positions in her bed, trying to get some sleep. Since that night, when she woke up from her nightmare, she finds it hard to get some sleep. Every time she closes her eyes, she sees those things, trying to get to her.  She opens her eyes, sweat all over her body, panting heavily. Bringing her little teddy bear to her chest; like it’s her only lifeline, she sits up and started to walk to his room. As she walks, she sensed that someone was there, watching her, following her. But as she turns around, she saw no one. She continued walking down the hall to her beloved’s room. The eerie silence was making it worse for her to calm down. She continued walking in a faster pace, trying to get to her destination. Once she arrived, she didn’t bother knocking and just let herself in. There, she saw him reading through files in a dim-lighted room. 

She mutters a silent sound, and he stopped from what he was reading and looked up to see his fiancé’s face. “Did something happen? You’re not supposed to be awake at this hour.” He gently said, motioning her to sit beside him.  “I’m sorry. I’m having trouble sleeping for the past days. It started when I had a nightmare about things – demons and monsters, trying to get me. I was scared. And since then, I’ve felt like someone was watching me and following me. “She told him her story. He puts a bookmark on the last page he read, closes the file and faces her. “Don’t worry; nothing’s going to get you. I’ll be here. I’ll protect you. So sleep, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll be here until you wake up. “He reassured her.  She nods her head and silently asked “Can I stay here?” and he smiles and patted the bed, telling her to lie down. She did as she was told, and started to close her eyes. He felt her body tensed, and he whispered sweet nothings to her over and over again. Feeling her body relaxed, he stroked her hair while humming a little tune – a lullaby, for her. As her breathing came uneven, she fell asleep, feeling safe with him. He yawns and told himself to sleep. Taking the place beside her, he hugs her to his chest and kisses her forehead as he muttered a silent goodnight. And he suddenly enters his dreamland. It was the best sleep that both they have since the start of spring.

Truth be told, he kept his promise last night. As she woke up, feeling better, she saw him beside her. Making her blush and looked intently as his sleeping face was serene and angelic. She tried brushing the few strands of hair from his face and pecks his cheeks, giggling a little. But little did she know that he was wide awake, pretending to be asleep. Opening his eyes, he watched her, with a smile grazing his face. “Good Morning.” He whispered silently as he gave her a kiss in the forehead, making her blush. “G-good m-morn-ing t-to you too” she stuttered, making him laugh. “Best sleep I’ve ever had. Thank you” He said. She shakes her head and said “No, Thank you for being there for me last night. It was the best sleep I’ve had since a few days ago. “They stayed in bed for a few minutes, until her stomach growled. She was embarrass and hid her face under the covers as he laughed. “We better get downstairs and eat.” He suggested.  They went downstairs to eat, before descending the stairs, she felt piercing eyes look at her, but she didn’t care. As long as he was there, she’d feel safe, she’d know he would protect her.






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So yeah, right now… I just want to BLOG and BLOG

I got interested in this fanfic I read, and wow. I just want to blog.

So for my first entry.. well, as like how she wrote in her blog (in the fanfic)

Friends are treasures. They are there during your ups and downs. They can also be the cause of your sadness. But every time we smile because of them, isn’t there a feeling of wanting to make them smile as well?  As they say, you’re friends with them because of your personalities, qualities, AND likes. Well, I’ll tell you this, My friends and I are TOTAL opposites. Like seriously, I’m shy and they are not. I cant seem to speak up while they can. I am negative and they are positive. In everything, they have given me the courage to be like them. But I cant seem to do it for some reason. The life I live in, is something that a friend would want to change about. MOVING ON, Your friends inspire you to do many things; Whether super crazy or not. They can also be your light, your sibling, and perhaps someone you hold so close in your heart. Love your friends, Cherish every moment you have with them. Fights cant be avoided, that’s for sure BUT always believe that it’ll be alright. They bring upon lots of emotions that other people cant bring. Be with them, doing around crazy stuffs like singing karaoke, or going shopping, or go play games, eat lots of food, tell stories, dance with them, ANYTHING. BUT NOT THAT EXTREME like careless people these days you see getting pregnant or being a criminal. You won’t be with them forever, but you can meet them up once in a while. We all have different futures, but please remember to stay in contact with them. Everyone deserves that happy smile ~ :D

so I guess this is where I’ll end it for now~



Asami’s Birthday Party

This is a fluff fic inspired by the-endless-secret’s Makorra fanart.

* Fluff a piece of fan fiction that is light and fun to read, something which leaves the reader with a “warm and fuzzy” feeling.


This was made in a rush because my parents…

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